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Stress, Depression and Extreme fatigue

Case Study:

Patient, male, 47 years old. Has a very demanding, high stress job, stress level has been build up over the years, but gotten worse since a year ago. Grief from family death. He also has a history of ADHD and is over weight. Currently, his complaints are: highly stressed, feeling of overwhelming, exhausted ore extreme fatigue,  on the edge of collapse. He has anxiety, lack of focus, poor memory, over thinking, headaches, poor sleep. Pain at the lower back, Emotionally, he has worries, anger, sadness, he is agitated, and easy angry. His tongue is puffy and pale, his pulse is deep weak, slippery.

He was diagnosed as liver Qi stagnation, spleen and Kidney Qi deficiency. Treatment given was to tonify Qi of Spleen and Kidney, soothe liver, Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are used in this case. He had acupuncture twice a week for 3 weeks, and afterwards, once a week. After each acupuncture treatment, he feels much more relaxed, and can manage stress much better. Every treatment with acupuncture,  he will always have a nap during the treatment, and wake up much energized.

Over the course of an 8 weeks of treatment, he started to feel happier, improved energy, no anxiety, no headaches, he also hear comments from friends and colleagues that he is looking much younger.  He had a total of 12 treatments, he became much happier and healthier both physically and mentally.

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