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Trigeminal Neuralgia

Case Study TN-102
Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for Trigeminal Neuralgia

A female patient, 48 years, has been suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia for the last 8 weeks. It started with a sudden facial pain on the left side of her face, the extreme pain described as intensity 10/10. It is anelectric like shooting and sharp stabbing pain. The pain can be so severe that she has to hold her face and head and lie in bed in order to cope with it, but that still does not decrease the intense pain.

She started feeling vertigo and the facial pain 8 weeks ago.The pain also connects to her left ear, so she feels extreme ear centre pain which she has seen doctor for. She was told there is nothing significant going on, after the examination. It was then diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia, given Anti-seizure drugs carbamazepine 800mg/day.Since she started this drug, her pain was slightly decreased but still not able to control the major electric like shooting pain. She also experiencing drowsing, anxiety, emotional, fatigue, she described she feels totally not herself, which are side effects of medication she is on.

Referred to me by her dentist, this patient came to our clinic BodyMind Synergy Health Center on Feb 19th, 2013. I gave her both acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbal medicine to take at home to support the healing process.

She has since received 9 acupuncture treatments, andnow describes her facial pain to get gradually better and better after each acupuncture session.She does not have any more ear pain, her facial pain is much decreased; no intensive electric like shooting pain, and much manageable now. Her energy and mood is much better, and she is happier and is able to start exercising again. This patient has not finished her treatment yet, and I will share her progress with you along with her improvement with her treatment.

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