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Chinese Medicine and Weight Loss

by Dr. Jiao “Alex” Huang, MSc., D.T.C.M., R.Ac.

If you are trying to lose weight, TCM is good choice for it. It is natural and effective.

Increasing weight is caused from two sides which are exterior and interior. For example some people have this disorder since they were kids so we call it genetic disorder. Endocrine disorder is another problem causing weight. Blood test and some medical examinations show abnormal results. Some people have increasing weight due to emotion changes such as stress high pressure from work etc. those above are from interior. As to exterior, overeating and/or less exercise are the main reasons.

There are some other symptoms coming with increasing weight. For example people will feel distending around the abdomen due to the food retention, dry mouth and bitter taste. Some have fatigue, edema, heave feeling, shortness of breath, urine retention, sweating a lot, constipation, insomnia, poor memory, dream disturbing.

These common symptoms affect our quality of life by compromising our ability to work, get proper sleep, exercise, ultimately affecting our study, concentration and mood. What’s more it shorten and lower down the organs the function and lives.

Oriental medicine helps to loss the weight, not only for that but also solve the accompanied symptoms such as fatigue, constipation, shortness of breath, insomnia. It is to give less pressure to body and make life healthy.

In TCM, there are many factors causing increasing weight. Generally to say, they are phlegm obstruction, qi and blood don’t flow very well, poor digesting function. So the main treatment way is to strengthen the digesting function, moving the qi and blood, getting rid of phlegm. There are many options for treating headache with TCM. Common treatments include: acupuncture, cupping and herbs.
Acupuncture can be an effective modality to treat weight. Some acupoints have the functions to move the fresh qi and blood to and to active organs especially the spleen which has very close connecting to weight. When treating it with acupuncture we usually combine the acupuncture treatment with electricity stimulator which can strengthen the function of acupuncture.

Moving or Stationary Cupping can be used to treat weight loss. The cupping suction works deeply within the body by pulling the exhausted stagnated blood to the surface so that the fresh blood can move to nourish the local areas. Usually you will see the purple skin after cupping. Here we consider the purple to be the blood stagnation or other stagnation such as phlegm.

Herbs are nature’s medicine to assist your body from the inside. Several herbs together after digested by stomach will create certain chemical reactions inside and those chemical reactions will go to affect the function of organs vessels and endocrine system. Body then can go to give positive adjustments to fix the problems. It is going to treat whole body instead treating the parts.

The keys helping to reduce weight are related to emotion diet as well as exercise. Away from bad moods and keeping smile can help to reduce pressure to body and make the body working easier. Healthy combination of foods and appropriate exercise can help the body reach to good balance.

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