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Acupuncture for Anxiety and Depression

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a close connection between emotions and energy. Symptoms from emotions and energy are very common in our clinic. The interaction among these two causes such as unstable mood or poor energy so there is a differentiation in TCM named Disharmony between Liver and Spleen for them. As to the treatment methods Acupuncture or Herbs can help to adjust this balance disorder well.

In clinic symptoms from emotion disorders are different such as busy mind, anxiety, irritability, depression etc. Some physical symptoms could be added when it gets worse. They are headaches, irregular menstruation, infertility, vertigo or even coma. The common energy disorders that we see at BodyMind Synergy, are in low energy side such as fatigue, tired, foggy mind and lack of concentration. If the energy disorder is even worse then that, we can see diarrhea, constipation, digestive disorders, food allergy etc.

In the treatment with Acupuncture or Herbs, Doctors usually adjust liver function to solve emotion disorders and treat the spleen to fix the energy flow. For example, when liver function becomes hyperactive patients show irritability, are impatient, overthinking and busy mind. Depression causes a dislike in social activities or lack of motivation for life, or with a job are seem from hypo-active liver. In our clinic the most common symptoms of spleen disorders are from the hypo-active side such as tired, heavy eyes, foggy mind, digestive problems or facial disorder.

Acupuncture or herbs have the function to adjust the balance between the two organs. They can turn the hypo-active into hyperactive or from hyperactive to hypo-active. Besides that, acupuncture and herbal medicine have assisting functions. For example, those treatments can soften the muscles to help body to reach a state of relaxation. When physical body is relaxed, it helps mental body to relax as well.

Usually with one or two treatments, you can feel improvement. Patients should continue the treatment until they achieve desired results.

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