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Chinese Medicine and Flu Season

With flu and cold season upon us it is time to look at what we can do to prevent or alleviate illness. We are all aware of how disruptive it is when flu and colds affect our families, from missing work and school to experiencing the general misery of aches and pains.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has long been able to offer effective treatments, some herbal remedies prescribed as prevention. “Jade Screen” herbal formula, an ancient Chinese herbal remedy traditionally used to boost the Wei Qi or defensive Qi (immune system), has been used to help prevent illness during the flu season in China. There are also many other herbal prescriptions in use to help treat and cure flu and colds. Many patients of BodyMind Synergy Health Centre, and their families have used these prescriptions as prevention and cure the cold and flu symptoms in their families.

Dr Cheng has several Herbal Prescriptions that are offered on a regular basis in her clinic. You do not need an appointment or a prescription, as they are available over the counter.

Jade Screen

An ancient Chinese prescription used to prevent colds or flu and to boost the immune system. It is recommended for people who are regularly susceptible to becoming sick or who are in frequent contact with members of the public.

Anti-Viral Remedy

Dr. Cheng’s own prescription with anti-viral properties used to treat and prevent flu and colds. People who are in very close contact with someone who is ill or are feeling the first signs of illness should take this prescription.

Sinus Remedy

Dr. Cheng’s prescriptions for sinus remedy is used by many of her patients to successfully treat sinus infections and allergies.

Acupuncture treatments and cupping, another part of Traditional Chinese Medicine modality, can also give much needed relief from the aches, pains and congestion caused by cold and flu. When combined with herbal treatment, it can strengthen the effect of herbs for quicker relief and help you get better much sooner.

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