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Meet Dr. Cheng

Since this is a newly launched website, I thought I would start with a brief introduction about myself and my acupuncture clinic in Calgary.

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in TCM and Western Medicine in 1983 from the Hunan University of TCM, China. I did further study at Tianjin University of TCM, China culminating in 1987 with a Master’s Degree in Medicine and Acupuncture. In 1990, I received her Ph.D in Medicine from the Chengdu University of TCM, China with a specialty in Acupuncture and Chronomedicine. I have talked in different universities, and also funded Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.Graduated from Traditional Chinese Medicine university in 1983, I have been practicing in the field of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for almost 30 years. My clinic interests are mostly women and children’s health, in my clinic, I treat conditions such as digestive disorders, menopause, poor sleep, depression, menstrual disorders and so on.I use a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for clinic treatment, Acupuncture is a great healing method for balance the body. When our body is ill, in Chinese medicine, it means that body is our of balance, acupuncture stimulate the body, via stimulating our nerve system, hormone system to balance the whole body.

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