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Dr. Alex Jiao Huang

R.Ac, Master's Degree in Medicine

Registered Acupuncturist

Dr. Alex earned both his Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in TCM from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He started his work as an Acupuncturist and instructor for foreign students in Shanghai University and hospital of TCM since 2006. As one of the busiest hospitals in Shanghai, Dr. Alex was treating approximately 100 patients in a day and earned great experience there.

In 2013, he came to Canada and became a registered acupuncturist and instructor at CITCM college. Having years of experience where he was exposed to various diseases and needling techniques from other senior acupuncturists he worked with, Dr. Alex is able to work on different techniques of needling skills to help with patient’s healing process.

He is focusing on Symptoms management with acupuncture such as:

  1. Internal organ disorder: cough, allergy, palpitation, vertigo, fever, heart burning, nausea, fatigue, edema, abdominal bloating, tinnitus, intermittent urine etc.
  2. Pain management: migraine, headache, shingles pain, joints pain, lumbago, fibromyalgia, after surgery etc.
  3. Emotion relief: depression, anxiety, insomnia
  4. Gynecology: irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea etc.”