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Acupuncture is amazing!

I have has two myocardial infarctions. The first heart event was May 2002 where my heart stopped for 41/2 minutes. I was put on life support and they dropped my body temperature down and they induced a coma for 57 hours to prevent further damage. I received an emergency angioplasty. In August 2005 I had successful coronary artery bypass (CABG) “cabbage”. In both heart events I suffered with anxiety and depression. Within two months I had a pulmonary embolism. In both heart events I experienced pericarditis.

I started acupuncture treatment October 2005 primarily to relieve my acute anxiety, depression and to increase my “chi”. I also had auricular treatment.

Within a month of treatment, my anxiety became manageable. Subsequent weekly treatments diminished my anxiety and depression substantially.

In September 2006 I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. I had emergency transurethral resection (TURBT). After one year and numerous cystoscopes the cancer occurred again and I had another TURBT followed by immunotherapy instilled directly into the bladder (a form of chemotherapy) in spring 2007. To date I have been cancer free.
In July 2007 I had a routine colonoscopy and they found three massive tumours which were removed with laser but the heat damaged the colon wall and I turned septic resulting in an emergency illeostomy. The illeostomy was reversed in October 2007. I now suffer with a ventral incision hernia as a result of the two surgeries. Surgery to correct the hernia is planned for December 2008.

Through all my health problems I was grateful that I continued with my acupuncture treatment. The compassion I received at the clinic combined with the treatment was instrumental in my state of mind (anxiety and depression) and my “chi”.

Last month I had a very bad swollen and infected finger as a result of an undetected splinter. Within twenty-four hours after Dr. Xia Cheng (Dr. Ac.) treated my finger (inserted two acupuncture points), the swelling was reduced by 75% and I was able to bend my finger. Within forty-eight hours the swelling disappeared and the infection was gone.
In June 2008, after Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.) recommendation, I underwent auricular treatment by Dr. Li-Chun Huang (Dr. Ac.). Dr. Huang treated my anxiety and depression plus numerous health issues. I was told that I was cancer free and this was substantiated two weeks latter when the cystoscopy revealed no cancer in my bladder.

Acupuncture is a vital component of my overall health in conjuncture with western medicine.