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Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.) helped my son greatly!

We first met Dr Cheng (Dr. Ac.) when my son Matt was 11 years old. He had not been to school in 4 months because of incapacitating headaches which his neurologists said were from increased pressure in his brain (intracranial pressure). They had been treating him with medications for months but he was only getting worse. We were giving Tylenol and Advil around the clock and not controlling his pain. When the doctors started talking about brain surgery to put a shunt in his brain to drain the fluid, I knew we needed to try something else.

Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.) started treating him with acupuncture and within 3 treatments he no longer required all the Tylenol and Advil and was pain free. Within a month we took him off all the drugs the other doctors had him on. The neurologists marvelled when they checked his intracranial pressure and it was normal. Matt is now 15 and thanks to Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.), is perfectly healthy and rarely gets headaches at all.

Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.) made an incredible difference to the quality of Matt’s life.