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Dr. Wang (Dr. Ac.) accepted my complicated condition

I have been under Dr. Juan (Ivy) Wang (Dr. Ac.)’s care for past 2 years. In 2012, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that attacked my lungs and caused permanent scarring. I tried to manage my condition on my own and had reached a plateau and sought out acupuncture to rebuild myself. Treatment with western medicine helped to stabilize my immune system.

Dr. Wang (Dr. Ac.) was kind and patient as she listened to my history. My condition was complicated and I asked if she would accept me as a patient. She smiled and nodded.

Dr. Wang (Dr. Ac.) proceeded slowly with my body adjusting to the acupuncture treatments always being cognizant of the western medicine I was taking. She found a balance between acupuncture, my condition and western medicine. My side effects from my prescriptions medications began to dissipate, my energy began to increase. We addressed my diet, lifestyle and mental outlook.

Today, I am able to lower my prescription doses with my medical doctor’s permission, increase my activities of daily living, and exercise. My specialists are pleased with my progress in management of my chronic illness. The improvement is a result of Dr. Wang’s acupuncture and guidance. As I become stronger mentally and physically, I have more confidence in managing my health.
Thank you.

BMSHC Client