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Dr. Wang (Dr. Ac.) is incredible

Dr. Ivy (Juan) Wang is incredible at what she does. She has changed my life in so many ways! I came to her to have her help me balance out my hormones, improve my fertility and as well as to help clear out my rosacea on my face. I had been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, and she was able to help me bring down my FSH levels from 65 to 28 with acupuncture! She also helped me bring my estrogen levels back to normal range and I have gotten two periods since seeing her! This means so much to me as medical doctors told me since I have premature ovarian failure, I will have to be on HRT forever since I am only 26 years old! Well I am happy to say that this is not the case! The medical doctors have now told me that with my current hormone levels I do not need to be on any form of hormones! Naturally as my hormones got more balanced by doing acupuncture, my face also cleared up, I no longer have to be insecure or wear a whole lot of makeup. This is all thanks to Dr. Ivy!! Also, now that my hormones are more balanced, my next step is to hopefully conceive, and I have so much confidence that Dr. Ivy will help me get there! Premature ovarian failure is so complicated, but I know that with regular visits with her, that it will happen soon! I have only been seeing her for 10 months and so many changes have already happened! Dr. Ivy is a miracle worker and I recommend everyone to go see her. She has incredibly healing hands!