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Thank you for recommending us!

Dear Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.),
Dalia and I would like to thank-you for choosing us to see Dr. Huang (Dr. Ac.).

Dr. Huang (Dr. Ac.) not only diagnosed us both perfectly and advised us both of other health issues but put our mind at ease concerning our most immediate health concerns. In particular, Dr. Huang (Dr. Ac.) advised Warren that he was cancer free so his next cystoscopy on July 2nd will not be an anxious moment for him. Also, Dr. Huang told Warren that his arteries were good which has always been a worry. This morning my chest felt quite tight due to stress and the good doctor diagnosed that and with auricular treatment the tightness disappeared. When placing the seeds behind my ear lobe she said don’t worry so much, be happy. And she promptly placed a triple dosage of seeds. As for Dalia, the doctor diagnosed her correctly with face pain and hearing problems. After treatment Dalia found that she could hear better. She advised Dalia that she too was cancer free and that she will live a long life.

The caraway seeds that were fitted in both our ears will certainly help since I remember that you Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.) fitted me with these seeds back in Nov. 2006 when I first came to see you for help. Also, Dalia said she had them before when she was seeing her dentist (Dr. Young).

Your compassion in caring for us both is greatly appreciated. Thank-you for sharing Dr. Huang’s (Dr. Ac.) expertise with us. Her accreditation in this field is quite impressive and her long association in this method of treatment is quite encouraging for us. The only down side is that Dr. Huang (Dr. Ac.) lives in Florida.

Please convey our gratitude to Dr. Huang (Dr. Ac.) and wish her continued success.
Again, thank-you Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.) for opening a new door for us. Our faith in your skills in treating Dalia and I are further enhanced and your compassion for your patients is clearly evident by your actions.