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Overcame fear of needles

I’ve always been hesitant to try acupuncture, the idea of cupping was fine for me. However I have a fear of needles, so naturally I felt nervous and anxious. But Dr Neil was very reassuring and took into consideration my needs and feelings. He never pushed me, and was patient and compassionate, and his calming demeanour helped soothe some of my fears. I’ve got back to see him several times now, and while my fear of still there, I’m more than comfortable with acupuncture now :). 10/10, he is the bee’s knees.

Daniel de Oliveira


I received wonderful treatments from Dr. Bairu (Dr. Ac.). As a result I have more energy, I am more focused, my memory has improved and my overall health feels so much better. I am more calm in facing the world! Thank you Dr. Bairu (Dr. Ac.)!

BMSHC Client, Calgary AB

Dr. Wang (Dr. Ac.) accepted my complicated condition

I have been under Dr. Juan (Ivy) Wang (Dr. Ac.)’s care for past 2 years. In 2012, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that attacked my lungs and caused permanent scarring. I tried to manage my condition on my own and had reached a plateau and sought out acupuncture to rebuild myself. Treatment with western medicine helped to stabilize my immune system.

Dr. Wang (Dr. Ac.) was kind and patient as she listened to my history. My condition was complicated and I asked if she would accept me as a patient. She smiled and nodded.

Dr. Wang (Dr. Ac.) proceeded slowly with my body adjusting to the acupuncture treatments always being cognizant of the western medicine I was taking. She found a balance between acupuncture, my condition and western medicine. My side effects from my prescriptions medications began to dissipate, my energy began to increase. We addressed my diet, lifestyle and mental outlook.

Today, I am able to lower my prescription doses with my medical doctor’s permission, increase my activities of daily living, and exercise. My specialists are pleased with my progress in management of my chronic illness. The improvement is a result of Dr. Wang’s acupuncture and guidance. As I become stronger mentally and physically, I have more confidence in managing my health.
Thank you.

BMSHC Client

Dr. Wang (Dr. Ac.) is incredible

Dr. Ivy (Juan) Wang is incredible at what she does. She has changed my life in so many ways! I came to her to have her help me balance out my hormones, improve my fertility and as well as to help clear out my rosacea on my face. I had been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, and she was able to help me bring down my FSH levels from 65 to 28 with acupuncture! She also helped me bring my estrogen levels back to normal range and I have gotten two periods since seeing her! This means so much to me as medical doctors told me since I have premature ovarian failure, I will have to be on HRT forever since I am only 26 years old! Well I am happy to say that this is not the case! The medical doctors have now told me that with my current hormone levels I do not need to be on any form of hormones! Naturally as my hormones got more balanced by doing acupuncture, my face also cleared up, I no longer have to be insecure or wear a whole lot of makeup. This is all thanks to Dr. Ivy!! Also, now that my hormones are more balanced, my next step is to hopefully conceive, and I have so much confidence that Dr. Ivy will help me get there! Premature ovarian failure is so complicated, but I know that with regular visits with her, that it will happen soon! I have only been seeing her for 10 months and so many changes have already happened! Dr. Ivy is a miracle worker and I recommend everyone to go see her. She has incredibly healing hands!


Shrunk Polyps

Good news. My two polyps have actually shrunk. Wow. This is all due to my treatment with Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Thank you very much to Dr. Juan Guo (Dr. Ac.).

Frank G.

Crucial to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Dr. (Alex) Jiao Huang (Dr. Ac.) has treated my seriously fractured left arm which developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. His acupuncture and cupping treatments were crucial to my recovery and rehabilitation. Unbeknownst to me, acupuncture heals nerve damage, pain, improves limitation of movement and inflammation. Dr Alex has a humble, attentive and healing way of dealing with his patients. Thanks also to his amazing office staff for their encouragement and support.

Marlene Ponjavic

My daughter is a different person now.

I wanted to tell the amazing journey I have been on with my daughter seeing Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.). A good family friend is a student at the school and suggested my daughter see Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.). My friend felt that my daughter could be helped with herbs and acupuncture rather than medications. So we made a six month commitment and investment in seeing Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.). When we met Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.), she was confident my daughter could be helped. I had no expectations as to what the results would be. So we started the process, within three months my daughter was off of all three medications (that she had been on since she was six)!! My daughter is a different person now. The medications helped her, but “masked” her personality, now four months in treatment with Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.), I have a happy and healthy teenager who is drug free. There are no words to express how grateful I am to my friend and Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.). Now my son, husband and myself go to the clinic. We are all seeing great results, and this is all thanks to Chinese Medicine!


Acupuncture was a great success!

After years of struggling with severe sinus infections, a friend recommended Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.), a Chinese medicine physician, to me. I went to see Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.) with a severe sinus infection. Previously I had used a course of antibiotics to deal with my sinus infections, and this course of action was becoming less and less effective for me.

Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.) recommended the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbs as a regiment to deal with my sinus infection, and to strengthen my sinus area to fend off future infections. This has proven to be a great success. In addition to the use of acupuncture and herbs, Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.) herself brings warmth, calmness and assurance interactions and her professional knowledge of medicine created an exceptional wellness experience for me. I would (and have) highly recommended her.

I am very fortunate to have Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.) as my doctor

I went to se Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.) in 2006 as I was suffering from headaches, facial, neck and back pain. Also, I head to deal with some very hurtful and stressful situations. Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.) treated me with acupuncture and suggested “massage” which helped to alleviate a lot of muscle tension. Because I have pain here, there and everywhere (probably due to my age 62) she also suggested I see Dr. Huang (Dr. Ac.) (from Florida) who visits Calgary a couple of times a year. I’ve worn hearing aids for several years and after her auricular treatment (June 2008) I have not worn them since. I seem to hear quite well.

I will continue with Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.) and acupuncture as I find it very relaxing and beneficial both physically and emotionally.

Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.) is very caring and a wonderful person (always laughing) and I am very fortunate to have her as my doctor.

Acupuncture is amazing!

I have has two myocardial infarctions. The first heart event was May 2002 where my heart stopped for 41/2 minutes. I was put on life support and they dropped my body temperature down and they induced a coma for 57 hours to prevent further damage. I received an emergency angioplasty. In August 2005 I had successful coronary artery bypass (CABG) “cabbage”. In both heart events I suffered with anxiety and depression. Within two months I had a pulmonary embolism. In both heart events I experienced pericarditis.

I started acupuncture treatment October 2005 primarily to relieve my acute anxiety, depression and to increase my “chi”. I also had auricular treatment.

Within a month of treatment, my anxiety became manageable. Subsequent weekly treatments diminished my anxiety and depression substantially.

In September 2006 I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. I had emergency transurethral resection (TURBT). After one year and numerous cystoscopes the cancer occurred again and I had another TURBT followed by immunotherapy instilled directly into the bladder (a form of chemotherapy) in spring 2007. To date I have been cancer free.
In July 2007 I had a routine colonoscopy and they found three massive tumours which were removed with laser but the heat damaged the colon wall and I turned septic resulting in an emergency illeostomy. The illeostomy was reversed in October 2007. I now suffer with a ventral incision hernia as a result of the two surgeries. Surgery to correct the hernia is planned for December 2008.

Through all my health problems I was grateful that I continued with my acupuncture treatment. The compassion I received at the clinic combined with the treatment was instrumental in my state of mind (anxiety and depression) and my “chi”.

Last month I had a very bad swollen and infected finger as a result of an undetected splinter. Within twenty-four hours after Dr. Xia Cheng (Dr. Ac.) treated my finger (inserted two acupuncture points), the swelling was reduced by 75% and I was able to bend my finger. Within forty-eight hours the swelling disappeared and the infection was gone.
In June 2008, after Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.) recommendation, I underwent auricular treatment by Dr. Li-Chun Huang (Dr. Ac.). Dr. Huang treated my anxiety and depression plus numerous health issues. I was told that I was cancer free and this was substantiated two weeks latter when the cystoscopy revealed no cancer in my bladder.

Acupuncture is a vital component of my overall health in conjuncture with western medicine.

Thank you for recommending us!

Dear Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.),
Dalia and I would like to thank-you for choosing us to see Dr. Huang (Dr. Ac.).

Dr. Huang (Dr. Ac.) not only diagnosed us both perfectly and advised us both of other health issues but put our mind at ease concerning our most immediate health concerns. In particular, Dr. Huang (Dr. Ac.) advised Warren that he was cancer free so his next cystoscopy on July 2nd will not be an anxious moment for him. Also, Dr. Huang told Warren that his arteries were good which has always been a worry. This morning my chest felt quite tight due to stress and the good doctor diagnosed that and with auricular treatment the tightness disappeared. When placing the seeds behind my ear lobe she said don’t worry so much, be happy. And she promptly placed a triple dosage of seeds. As for Dalia, the doctor diagnosed her correctly with face pain and hearing problems. After treatment Dalia found that she could hear better. She advised Dalia that she too was cancer free and that she will live a long life.

The caraway seeds that were fitted in both our ears will certainly help since I remember that you Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.) fitted me with these seeds back in Nov. 2006 when I first came to see you for help. Also, Dalia said she had them before when she was seeing her dentist (Dr. Young).

Your compassion in caring for us both is greatly appreciated. Thank-you for sharing Dr. Huang’s (Dr. Ac.) expertise with us. Her accreditation in this field is quite impressive and her long association in this method of treatment is quite encouraging for us. The only down side is that Dr. Huang (Dr. Ac.) lives in Florida.

Please convey our gratitude to Dr. Huang (Dr. Ac.) and wish her continued success.
Again, thank-you Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.) for opening a new door for us. Our faith in your skills in treating Dalia and I are further enhanced and your compassion for your patients is clearly evident by your actions.

Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.) helped my son greatly!

We first met Dr Cheng (Dr. Ac.) when my son Matt was 11 years old. He had not been to school in 4 months because of incapacitating headaches which his neurologists said were from increased pressure in his brain (intracranial pressure). They had been treating him with medications for months but he was only getting worse. We were giving Tylenol and Advil around the clock and not controlling his pain. When the doctors started talking about brain surgery to put a shunt in his brain to drain the fluid, I knew we needed to try something else.

Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.) started treating him with acupuncture and within 3 treatments he no longer required all the Tylenol and Advil and was pain free. Within a month we took him off all the drugs the other doctors had him on. The neurologists marvelled when they checked his intracranial pressure and it was normal. Matt is now 15 and thanks to Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.), is perfectly healthy and rarely gets headaches at all.

Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.) made an incredible difference to the quality of Matt’s life.