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Traditional Chinese Herbs and Formulas

Chinese herbs are natural substances, mostly from plants but also minerals and animals, each of which has specific and well documented properties. Consider herbs to be concentrated forms of food. Each food we ingest has specific effects on our bodies. The Chinese have studied the effects of thousands of foods and herbs over 3000 years to learn how to they can be used to treat illness and improve health. Diet is the first line of treatment in TCM. When dietary changes and acupuncture alone aren’t able to correct imbalances and resolve symptoms fast enough, an herbal formula may be prescribed according to your particular pattern to support the healing process. Herbs are effective to nourish the system when used in conjunction with a correct diet and acupuncture.

Herbs are nature’s medicine to assist your body from the inside. Herbal prescriptions are a powerful and natural contributors of the healing process. They are often used as a continuation of the acupuncture treatment, and are prescribed not only for their physiological effect on the body but also their energetic effect within a meridian or organ system. Taking the herbs regularly between acupuncture sessions allows a continuation of your treatment through the week. A herb may be prescribed to relax muscles, calm the mind, increase blood nutrients, and increase blood flow to an area to help regain strength and mobility and for many other reasons.

It’s important to remember that many conditions may be improved when herbs are prescribed for the unique pattern or syndrome you present with and used correctly. You should always consult with someone trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the practice of creating herbal formulas before taking any herbal formula.

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