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Infertility and Acupuncture

Infertility and increasing fertility

Suffering from infertility? Increasing fertility using acupuncture is a natural way for women to get pregnant. Combining Chinese herbs and acupuncture is an effective way to regulate the hormone level and increase ovarian function, normalize women’s cycle to release more eggs. This increase in eggs help your chances to conceive.

How: Acupuncture that target specific meridians such as (Ren) conceive/ pregnancy and (Du) governing meridians is used for 1000s of years in eastern cultures. Chinese herbal medicine can also be used to tonify Qi, tonify blood, enhance liver and kidney which helps to regulate and balance the hormone system to achieve a better body condition for conceive.

Why: Women who are having difficulty in conceiving due to hormone imbalance, early decline of ovarian function, obstruction of fallopian tube, and/or stress.

When: When couples try to conceive for more than 12 cycles without success fertility acupuncture is an effective alternative.

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