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My daughter is a different person now.

I wanted to tell the amazing journey I have been on with my daughter seeing Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.). A good family friend is a student at the school and suggested my daughter see Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.). My friend felt that my daughter could be helped with herbs and acupuncture rather than medications. So we made a six month commitment and investment in seeing Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.). When we met Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.), she was confident my daughter could be helped. I had no expectations as to what the results would be. So we started the process, within three months my daughter was off of all three medications (that she had been on since she was six)!! My daughter is a different person now. The medications helped her, but “masked” her personality, now four months in treatment with Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.), I have a happy and healthy teenager who is drug free. There are no words to express how grateful I am to my friend and Dr. Cheng (Dr. Ac.). Now my son, husband and myself go to the clinic. We are all seeing great results, and this is all thanks to Chinese Medicine!